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Family and Community Resource Center

FRC offers a wide range of free parent and youth workshops on many different topics.

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Youth and Self Harm

"People cope with difficult thoughts, feelings, or situations in different ways. Some people cope by injuring themselves on purpose—and it may be the only way for them to feel better. Self-injury may seem frightening, but it’s important to look beyond the injuries and see what’s really going on."

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Eating Problems in Children and Youth

"Magazines and television are filled with pictures of very thin girls and women. Teens and even young children come to see this body type as normal and desirable. They may diet, often to excess, to change their weight. The result can be a body weight that is too low, leading to medical problems and a distorted body image " (Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development, 2007).

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Divorce: A Parent's Guide for Supporting Children

What effect will divorce have on children in both the short and long term? Differing advice from experts in the field as well as “expert advice” in the media adds to parents’ anxiety about divorce.

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