Grade 7 Social Studies

Grade 7 students will explore the origins, histories and movement of peoples who forged the foundations of Canadian Confederation.  They will examine how the political, demographic, economic and social changes that have occurred since Confederation, have influenced ways in which contemporary Canada has evolved.

Through an examination of events preceding and following Confederation, Grade 7 students will acquire an understanding of how Canada has evolved into a multicultural, bilingual, pluralistic and diverse society; and they will appreciate how these dimensions of Canada have affected citizenship and identity over time.

Social Studies Units:

1. Indigenous Societies: Who are the diverse Aboriginal peoples who have contributed to the building of the country we now call Canada?

2. The French in North America- Imperialism: What kind of society did the French colonist create in their North American colonies?

3. The British in North America- Mercantilism: What kind of society did the British colonists create in North America?

4. Competition for Trade- Cultures in Contact: How did the various peoples in North America both work together in the fur trade and compete to control it?

5. War and Peace- Conquest and Consequences: How did military events and their consequences contribute to the foundations of Canada?

6. Becoming Canada- A complex identity: How did the War of 1812 and its political consequences affect the developing Canadian identity?

7. Creating a new country- People and Government: To what extent was Confederation an attempt to solve existing problems and lay a foundation for a country?

8. The Métis- Emerging Identities: In what ways did the Métis have an impact on the development of Western Canada?

9. Growth in the West- Natural History and Resources: How did Canada secure the West and prepare for a massive influx of immigrants?

10. Expanding Confederation- Historical Perspective: How did the massive immigration to Canada near the turn of the twentieth century affect the complex identity of our country?

11. Encouraging Immigration- Immigration and Identity: What factors led B.C., P.E.I., AB, Sask., and then NFLD to become provinces of Canada, and what were the consequences?

12. Changing Societies in the West- People and Policies:How did industrialization, urbanization and technological change affect the identities of Canadians, both positively and negatively?

13. A New Canada- Society and Technology: Was the impact of Canada’s immigration policy on each of the peoples in Western Canada?

14. Canada Today- Active Citizenship: How have citizens reacted to the social and political changes that have been taking place in Canada since the 1960’s?

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