Grade 8 Language Arts

Welcome to your Grade 8 English Language Arts class. As we submerge ourselves in the power of language, the importance of communication, and the ideas encapsulated in literature, we will learn more about ourselves, others, and the world. Be prepared to bring your best, take risks, and have fun as we embark on this learning journey together.

In English Language Arts 8, we are going to be examining a variety of texts and genres, as well as developing our own critical, creative, and personal writing. The following units of study are planned for the year:

1. Why Study English? - A foundational unit of exploration into the merits of studying English Language Arts in schools

2. Short Stories, Annotation/Close-read Strategies, and Story Elements

3. Narrative Writing- Crafting your own short story

4. Style and Grammar- Editing and Revision

5. Film Technique

6. Novel Study "The Outsiders"

7. The Thematic Essay- Writer's Workshop for developing strong critical writing skills

8. Film Study- "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

9. Position Papers- Argumentative Writing and the Writer's Workshop

10. Poetry- Figurative Language

11. Non-Fiction: Memoirs and Oral Story-telling

12. Investigative Journalism and Documentary Genres

To access the Google Classroom Page with additional resources and information:

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