Kathyrn Parent-Student Handbook

"Kathyrn nurtures hearts with country school spirit"



Kathyrn School is a K - 8 school with approximately 165 students that are bused to the school from the surrounding communities of Irricana, Kathyrn, Keoma, Dalroy, Lyalta and Delacour. Our educational efforts are carried out by a dedicated group of professionals involving teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, community volunteers and school council members.




All students do learn and therefore it is our mandate to foster the desire for personal success. Successful development of the child is the shared responsibility of home, school and community. Collectively as equal partners, we endeavour to create a quality learning environment that stimulates the joy of learning by developing positive self esteem, risk taking, creative problem solving, self discipline and initiative. These skills will allow our students to develop into responsible and respectful citizens who strive for excellence in their life long learning process.

We believe that for students to be successful, reasonable expectations must be set and maintained. The way our students treat one another, the respect for the school and teachers they demonstrate, and the way they approach their studies is extremely important to all of us at Kathyrn School. Parents, students, and teachers must work together if these things are to be accomplished.


This mission of Kathyrn School is to provide an excellent educational program that emphasizes academic achievement, consistent effort, physical health, and the rewards of life-long learning.


With continuous and consistent investment in learning, all members of our community will achieve their personal best.


We have found through experience that if all the partners involved in the education of children communicate with each other regularly and effectively, concerns are better addressed and resolved. If you have any questions about your child’s progress, please phone the specific teacher involved. Other concerns can be addressed directly by the school administration.

The school is supported by the Kathyrn School Council. Council acts as an advisory body to school staff. Council meets monthly and is open to all parents of Kathyrn School students. The Council also works with school staff to organize and host school activities and events. Parents of children in Grades 1 - 8 are encouraged to come to the school and spend time in the classroom.


We, the students, staff, parents, and community members of Kathyrn School (also referred to as “everyone”) believe that:

1.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to help make decisions about the
kinds of rules we have at school.
2.    Everyone has a responsibility to make the school a safe, caring and orderly
place of learning.
3.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has rights and responsibilities.

The Kathyrn School Constitution and Charter of Rights and Responsibilities guarantees the following rights and freedoms:

1.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to a safe, healthy, and caring  environment.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to treat others and their school with respect.
b)    Everyone has the responsibility to help out, watch over, and protect others.
c)    Everyone has the responsibility to speak politely to one another.

2.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to learn.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to ask for help in his/her learning,
b)    Everyone has a responsibility to try his/her best.

3.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to be treated with respect.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to treat others with respect.

4.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to have their property respected.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to respect other people’s property.
b)    Everyone has a responsibility to help ensure that the property of others is  
treated with respect.

5.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to clear rules, and consequences
to inappropriate actions.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to make sure he/she understands the rules and
expectations of the School.
b)    Everyone has the responsibility to reinforce and uphold the rules of the school.
c)    Everyone has the responsibility to accept the consequences of his/her

6.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to recognition for his/her
achievements and accomplishments.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to work to the best of his/her ability.
b)    Everyone has the responsibility to acknowledge and respect other
people’s accomplishments.

7.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to a well-equipped school.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to take care of school property.

8.    Everyone has the right to speak and be heard.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to listen to the other person’s perspective.
b)    Everyone has the responsibility to speak up for him/herself and
others in a constructive and positive manner.
c)    Everyone has the responsibility to speak and be heard at an
appropriate time and place.

9.    Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to an environment that provides
constructive feedback, in a reasonable time, and encourages personal best.
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to support each other in his/her

10.  Everyone at Kathyrn School has the right to the benefits that fund raising 
can provide
a)    Everyone has the responsibility to contribute to school fund raising activities.




As per Alberta Education legislation there are no longer mandatory school fees for students.  Optional fees for such things as field trips are still in effect and can be paid through "School Cash", cheques or cash.

Kodiak Gym Strip is an optional fee, at the cost of $20.00 - Students are encouraged to purchase Kodiak Gym Strip for Physical Education.

Combination Locks is an optional fee, at the cost $5.00 each (these locks will belong to the students for use each year)


Other “user fees” may be levied depending upon the nature of the course and the extension activities planned.


The subjects for study in these grades fall into the following two categories:

Core Subjects:

Every student will receive instruction in Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education.

Complementary Subjects:

All Grade 7 & 8 students must take a minimum of 150 hours of these subjects in each year. The offerings for each year are based on staff expertise, resources and the desire to attempt to balance CTS, Fine Arts and French.


For evaluation purposes, the school year is divided into three reporting periods. Report cards will be issued in December, March and June.  The report cards used reflect the methods of evaluation and assessment employed by the teachers. As well, 3-Way Conferences (student/parent/teacher) will be done in midway through each term. A "Meet the Staff" evening has been scheduled for September. In support of your child's education, attending 3-Way Conferences is encouraged.

Parents will have access to student grade information through PowerSchool.  This will allow parents/guardians to access up to date information on their child's learning.


The purpose of the Kathyrn School Honour Roll is to encourage and recognize academic excellence achieved by students.

Grade 7 and 8 students may qualify for Honours through meeting academic averages of at least 80%, and Honour with Distinction meeting an average of at least 90% in all core subjects.

Academic and Athletic Excellence are recognized at the Middle School Awards ceremony at the end of June each year. Also presented are the Darcy Jackson Award for Citizenship to a Grade Eight student, the Betty Stevens Award to a student who has demonstrated perseverance, and the School Council Scholarship to the top academic student in Grade Eight.

For Grades 1 - 8 students are recognized by 7 “P” Awards for being polite, prompt, prepared, productive, positive, planet active and persistent each reporting period. Students are recognized by having their names recorded on the 7 “P” board and are also presented a small award in the classroom. Students achieving 7 “P” recognition on all three reporting periods will receive a 7 “P” pin at the end of the school year.


8:25 - 8:35                
Period #1 8:35 - 9:25 Period #1 8:35 - 9:25
Period #2 9:25 - 10:15 Period #2 9:25 - 10:15
AM Recess 10:15 - 10:30 AM Recess 10:15 - 10:30
Period #3 10:30 - 11:17 Period #3 10:30 - 11:04
Period #4 11:17 - 12:04 Period #4 11:04 - 11:38
Lunch 12:04 - 1:00 Period #5 11:38 - 12:11
Period #5 1:00 - 1:40 Lunch 12:11 - 1:00
Period #6 1:40 - 2:20 Period #6 1:00 - 1:39
Period #7 2:20 - 3:10 Period #7 1:39 - 2:07
Buses 3:17 Buses 2:17



The Kathyrn School Council meets in the library the second Wednesday of each month to discuss and make recommendations on topics of concern and interest. At times, guest presenters are invited to attend. It is the expectation that classroom reps. will attend at least one school council meeting.



Kodiak Teams involve students who have both the interest and ability to compete at a more intensive athletic level than what is offered in an intramural program. This program may be offered to grades 6, 7 and 8 students and practice times are usually before or after school. Interschool athletics involve teams throughout Rocky View School Division and neighbouring jurisdictions. Teams may participate in soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track & field. A user fee may be charged depending on the requirements of the sport. We will use fund raised monies to make up the remaining costs of the RVSAA league fees.

The Kodiak Athletic Handbook outlines the appropriate behaviour required of team players. It is a key element in supporting sportsmanship and establishing accountability for the academic responsibilities of team players.

The RVSD Code of Conduct form must be read and signed by a guardian prior to participation in any or all curricular programs. This form is included in the registration package sent out in early September. All coaches of teams either staff or parent volunteer are required to be certified by the “Respect In Sport” online program/



Students are encouraged to change into gym strip for physical education. All clothing should be clearly marked for easy identification. Kodiak gym strip is available for a subsidized cost of $20.00. Non-marking running shoes are compulsory and should be used for Physical Education only (indoor use only).


The school facility may be used by responsible non-profit community organizations for any legal purpose as long as this use does not conflict with the school program. Sports groups, 4-H leaders, Continuing Education Coordinators and other prospective users are asked to make the necessary arrangements through the school secretary.


All school buildings and grounds in Rocky View Schools are smoke free. Possession and /or use of tobacco products by students will result in suspension. Parents and guests are expected to respect this policy as well.


An essential part of any school operation is the parent volunteer program. Over the years, we have been very fortunate to have had the involvement of many volunteers. We see this program as another important element in communication between school and community as well as the obvious assistance it provides our staff and students. Anyone wishing to act as a parent volunteer would be more than welcome and will be contacted for available opportunities. We are fortunate to have a School Volunteer Coordinator. We welcome any parents that would be willing to serve as room representatives for each grade.


Kathyrn is a public place of formal education and we expect our students to dress appropriately; therefore students are required to refrain from wearing coats or jackets to class and are also expected to conform to reasonable standards of taste in dress and grooming. We also ask that students remove their hats as they enter the school and refrain from wearing hats while inside the building. During the warmer weather students are asked to wear walking shorts (shorts longer in length, and skirts that are long enough to reach the end of the student’s finger tips when standing). Halter tops and tops with spaghetti straps should not be worn. We ask that shirts the students wear cover their waist. Students whose dress is deemed inappropriate will be expected to change - clean gym attire will be available as a temporary measure or a phone call home for a change of clothing.


The school will offer access to student insurance services. We recommend that students planning to participate in extra curricular activities take this optional insurance since it pays for other unexpected costs. Dental work can be a considerable cost. This insurance can be purchased at a nominal fee and all parents are strongly encouraged to purchase additional coverage for their children both at home and at school.


The office telephones are restricted as they are exceptionally busy. Students may use the classroom phones with the permission of the teacher. Students are expected to make arrangements ahead of time whenever possible, therefore the use of phone will be restricted.


Parents picking up their child from school before regular dismissal time, must let the office know to avoid unnecessary alarm by staff.


Kathyrn School will remain open unless inclement weather or facility failure result in closure. Details of closure procedures will be circulated after the September meeting of bus drivers and the Inclement Weather Committee and will be reported on Calgary radio stations and the Kathyrn School Website. It is now policy that all visitors must sign in and sign out at the office. We are accountable for all persons entering and exiting the school at all times.
Fire drill and lock down practices are conducted throughout the school year. Please review and discuss this information with your child both before and after the drill.


The drivers are in charge of the buses and the students must obey their instructions. Proper classroom conduct is expected. Any violation of this may be reported to the school principal who may ultimately suspend transportation privileges.
Parents are responsible for seeing that their children are adequately clothed for outside recesses and for going to and from bus stops. Bus drivers must be informed if a student changes his destination or does not plan to make a regular trip. One written request for routine changes in bus rides will be sufficient each year for scheduled music lessons or appointments. Bus drivers meet with school administration as needed to review bus related concerns.
If a student is riding another bus to from school other than their designated bus, a parent or guardian is requested to call the Ride-A-Long number 403-948-9107. There is also a Bus Late number you can call to check on a late bus 403-250-0016.


  • Jenny Barbour         403-837-5090 (Route 45)
  • Kristie Koning         403-703-2945 (Route 82)
  • Monica McNaught   587-437-4282 (Route 96)
  • Megan Lintick         403-969-6449 (Route 45)
  • Dereck Miner          403-312-6208 (Route 43)



During the school year there may be more than 200 individuals present at Kathyrn School at any point in time. The major purpose of these individuals being together is to get an education, make friends, and mature into caring, responsible, happy individuals. To create and maintain a positive and productive learning environment we need cooperation from everyone.  We ask you to be reasonable in all circumstances. Be considerate of others and keep focused on what our main purposes are. Administration, teachers, students and parents and community members agree that all students be guaranteed a productive, safe, and effective learning environment and that any individuals who consistently interfere with that environment must co- operate or face very serious consequences. The responsibility of this cooperation is jointly shared by the parents, the school and the students.

Please do not even consider the use or possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products at school. This will be dealt with very severely and will result in suspension or expulsion.


The following are suggested strategies that are tried, tested, and proven to work with most students. Remember that if we are going to be successful dealing with the challenges of raising productive and responsible citizens, we need to work together. Please consider the following:

Some General Information and Considerations:

1)    Homework should be done five times a week. Homework can consist
of unfinished daily work, organization, or review. The student’s
binders should
be reviewed and tidied nightly.
2)    Students are able to use Lunch Bunch (see below) to help complete 
assignments, but all work must be handed in the day it is due. We do 
not use a system of late penalties Marks of zero percent for unfinished
work is discouraged, and students may be requested to complete a 
missing assignment to the best of his/her ability although full marks will
not be awarded.
3)    Students may be asked to complete past-due assignments even
though they may not receive full marks for their work. It is important
that students complete curriculum requirements and learn the material.
4)    If a students requires an extension, we ask that the parent decide
whether the extension is warranted. Please contact the teacher 

Student Strategies:

1)    Students are permitted to stay in at lunch to further complete their 
work if they so choose.
2)    Our teachers are more than willing to help students 
any way they can.
3)    Students are encouraged to find a study partner to help
keep themselves organized and aware of upcoming due dates.
4)    Students are encouraged to go to their teachers if they are 
experiencing difficulties or do not understand what is required of them
in terms of the assignments or tests. Students are encouraged to
listen in class and work hard during the day to complete as much of the
work required of them.

Recommended Parent Strategies:

1)   The student’s work time should be completed in a quiet, supervised area free
from distractions.
2)    Generally there are people here after school - before 9:00 p.m. in the
evening. You may want to double-check with a telephone call before coming 
to the school.
3)    Please use the school website as teachers regularly post homework and 
assignments to back up the information in the student agenda’s.

4)    The amount and quality of the student’s work should also be reviewed 
and discussed with the student. When at home, parents have the “same
kind of authority” as a teacher. If you feel that something needs to be
redone, or if you have to do a homework assignment in a different way, then
it should be done the way you see fit.
5)    Agendas should be read “nightly”. A student who is experiencing difficulty 
should write all homework into the agenda, even if it is completed. The 
student should be able to show the parent the work that has been done. 
Students should be able to show all completed work to the parent. This
does not necessarily mean more books needed to be taken home. No more  
than one or two binders should be used for all subjects.  Please consider
using a calendar so that the student is able to write down any long term
assignments that might be due in the future.
6)    Please remember that you are welcomed and encouraged to come into the
school and spend time helping out in the classroom. This will allow you to
better understand what the teacher’s expectations are, and you will be able
to see what areas you might want to work on with your child at home.   
Parent volunteerism also helps all our students, so your time is much 
appreciated.  You may wish to come into the school once a week to simply 
check on assignments with the teachers.

School Strategies:

1)    If you child is not writing in his/her agenda, or if you have any questions
about what is being done in the school, please contact us. However, it is   
important that your son/daughter be responsible for recording the
2)    We are continuing to update our web page. Information about the school
and homework can be gained by accessing our website
3)    Don’t forget about Lunch Bunch!  For those students who chronically avoid 
assigned due dates, or who are not completing their work, we do feel it is
necessary to have the students complete the work during special events
that other students might be able to enjoy. For example, a student who is
not completing his/her work would not be able to attend a dance, an
assembly or perhaps a term celebration.


We at Kathyrn School believe in a life philosophy built on being positive, respectful and reasonable. Attempts to achieve this are based on our “7 P” principle. Kathyrn students who are polite, prompt, prepared, productive, positive, planet active and persistent will be proud of the privileges they receive.

1 - Positive:

- Encourage a safe and caring atmosphere
- Encourage self esteem and respect
- Encouragement of self and others
- Play fair, have fun and enjoy life
- Celebrating and enjoying successes and accomplishments
- Becoming involved in spirit activities and teams

2 - Productive:

-Take advantage of learning environment and the available resources
- Contribute constructively to their learning environment
- Use class time wisely
- Producing quality work which they can be proud of

3 - Polite:

- Show respect to self, others and property at all times
- Demonstrate consideration and cooperation

4 - Prompt:

- Come to school and class on time

- Hand in forms and assignments on or before due date

5 - Prepared:

- Have all materials needed
- Consistent use of agenda
- Use the student agenda consistently and responsibly
- Gym strip and proper footwear

6 - Planet Active:

- Recycling & environmental focus
- Caring for Kathyrn School grounds & building

7 - Persistent:

- Stick to it, do not quit
- Persevering attitude
- Commitment completion
- Overcome adversity

Following the 7 P’s will equal pride and privileges.

Please be: positive, respectful and reasonable to yourself and all others at all times. Remember: Responsibility and cooperation go hand in hand with privileges.

Students who make the choice not to be positive, respectful, responsible or reasonable will receive logical consequences. The logical consequences for not being responsible may include:
- suspension of some privileges
- confiscation of restricted items
- suspension from extra and co- curricular activities or events
- in-school suspension from a class or all classes,
- an out of school suspension, withdrawal from a class or school or expulsion from school.

The “process” for lack of cooperation would normally be:

1. Teacher consultation with student and parent.
2. Discipline notice/consequences sent to parent and file.
3. Administration will contact the parent.
4) Student may be - put on a contract
- suspended
- expelled.

This process will be escalated for very serious problems such as disrespect, fighting, threatening others, internet bullying, profanity, vandalism and use of alcohol or drugs.


Expectations for Student Behavior and Code of Conduct for Students



The SCHOOL ACT (Section 12 ) states:

A student shall conduct himself so as to reasonable comply with the following code of conduct:

a)    Be diligent in pursuing student’s studies.
b)    Attend school regularly and punctually.
c)    Cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the Board to provide education
programs and other services.
d)    Comply with the rules of the school.
e)    Account to his/her teachers for his/her conduct.
f)     Respect the rights of others.





The School Act of Alberta states that every child between 6 and 16 years of age shall attend school and will be excused because of illness or unavoidable cause. All students are required to be in attendance on all regularly scheduled school days including school sponsored outings. In the event of an absence, please call the school prior to 9:30 a.m. stating the reason for this absence. Office staff will follow up with phone calls home daily or when needed. The absence line is 935-4293, where an answering machine may take your call during the early morning. Inexcusable absences may result in loss of privileges and be reported to the attendance officer.


Homework is regularly assigned for students in Grades 1 - 8. Parent support, a quiet work place and regular homework times make homework manageable and less burdensome. Recommended average time for homework for all students is 10 minutes and 5 minutes for each grade (1-5) i.e. - Grade 1 - 10 minutes, Grade 2 - 15 minutes, Grade 3 - 20 minutes, Grade 4 - 25 minutes etc. There are two types of homework - incomplete daily work and review, and Accelerated Reader. A 15 - 30 minute reading period should occur each day in addition to assigned homework.

Illegal Substances and Weapons:

All illegal substances are prohibited in or on school property. This includes tobacco products, alcohol, illicit drugs and weapons.


Swearing is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Two Shoes:

Students are expected to have a pair of clean, non-marking shoes for indoor use (e.g. gym shoes). Footwear worn to school is to be removed at the entrance and left on the assigned boot racks or stored in assigned lockers when clean and dry. Thank you for helping our staff maintain a clean and safe learning environment.

Food and Beverages:

Food and beverages are not to be consumed in the hallways or during class time. There are assigned times and places where consumption is allowed and appropriate. Please ensure your child eats healthy and has plenty of sleep. Healthy Body /Healthy Mind.


Students are expected to carry their agenda and use them at all times (student exception of lunch and recess).

Lunch Room:

All students will eat their lunch in their classrooms. Students are encouraged to wash their hands prior to eating.


Lockers are assigned to grades 5, 6,7, and 8 students with a school provided lock, at a cost of $5.00. Lockers are issued as a courtesy to our students in order to help them organize their school supplies. Students are expected to maintain a clean and acceptably organized locker. Routine locker organization and checks are performed throughout the year.

Computer Usage:

All students are expected to comply with the Rocky View Acceptable Use Policy and the associated form must be signed and handed in prior to any use. This form is provided in our registration package sent out at the beginning of the school year.

Outdoor Recess:

For safety reasons the following activities are unacceptable and may result in a suspension of privileges: - tackle football - throwing snowballs, rocks, etc. - rough housing/play fighting - leaving school grounds

School Store:

Students in grades 5 - 8 may purchase food items at lunch time throughout the week. Students are expected to line up and conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. Students in remaining grades may purchase food items only on their assigned day and are also expected to comply with orderly rules of conduct. The school store also has on hand a number of basic school supplies for the student who suddenly find themselves without such things as pencils and paper.

Field Trips:

A field trip or excursion must be an extension of curriculum or in keeping with the Program of Studies and Board Policy. As such, it must be inclusive in nature. Any exclusions should be made because of safety or severe behavioral concerns and must be discussed with students, administration, and parents well in advance of the excursion.

Discipline Policy:

The staff at Kathyrn School and the School Council are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, parents and staff. It will be the school’s goal with the support of the School Council to foster positive conduct and respond in an appropriate way to student misconduct.

The administration in conjunction with, staff, students, parents and other stakeholders are currently in the process of re-evaluating the discipline policy at Kathyrn School.  Please stay tuned for updates to this policy.  We thank you for your understanding while this important evaluation is done.



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