Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2019/20 School Year!!

I am honoured to be part of a team of dedicated professionals that are focused on providing an educational experience that will help to support our youth with skills and attributes for the present as well as their future goals.

Kathyrn is an inclusive environment with a focus on literacy and numeracy, inquiry, and developing resiliency. We embrace diversity and personalize programs to meet the needs of each child. Technology is integrated into curricular areas and provides students with real life opportunities to realize their learning. This is a school and a community that has achieved so much in its history, and continues to strive to provide a rich and rewarding educational experience.

Kathyrn School has literally had generations of families go through its doors and whether it was in the 1930’s or today, the heart of this school has always been relationships. These relationships are developed through every day conversations and events such as the Christmas Concert, walk-a-thon, athletics and welcome back BBQ. Relationships are what provides the fuel for the stories that students and staff bring home with them each day, and the memories that will be carried with them into the future. As a school community, it is our job to make sure that we continue to ensure that our students feel safe, cared for, and can make their own amazing memories.

The entire community; the staff, parents, alumni, and students, is the reason that Kathyrn is great. If you are one of our “regular” community members we thank you, and if you have never been in the school, we invite you.



Dave Banderk

Principal Kathyrn School

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