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Welcome Grade 4's! I am excited to be your teacher this year! I am looking forward to a great year full of fun and learning!

Email: jhassett@rockyview.ab.ca
or phone 403-935-4291

Helping your child become a successful reader can be as easy as reading to and with them at home. Students should be reading 20 minutes or more every night.  Taking time out of our busy days can sometimes be hard, but the enjoyment of reading to your child or listening to them read to you is well worth it!

Volunteers are always welcome - parents, grandparents, even aunts and uncles are a welcome addition to any and all activities we do! Please drop me a note via the agenda or email if you would like to come in and volunteer! Please ensure your police clearance is up to date.

Please sign your child's agenda on a daily basis - this is an important communication tool with the school. Student agendas will be checked daily for a parent signature.

Please remember we are PEANUT AWARE and choose your child's lunch and snack foods accordingly. Some children may want both a morning and afternoon snack in addition to their lunch - we are busy learners and need to feed our brains! Our brains need lots of water too - students are encouraged to keep a water bottle (water only) on their desks.

Studies indicate that children in elementary grades should be getting around 10 hours of sleep each night. While everyone's schedules get busy at times (my kids at home too!), it is important to encourage your child to get enough sleep to focus and do their best each day.

Below you will find links to information that will be valuable to students and parents.

To find information about our classroom, click the Classroom Information button. To explore some interesting websites, look in Helpful Websites. Looking to see if there was homework or what the agenda message is? Check the Homework button. Check out our amazing work including our class blog with the Exposition button. Please check back often!


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